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The William H. Johnson Prize is awarded annually to an early career African American artist. For our purposes,
"early career" is a flexible term that should be interpreted liberally to include artists who have finished their
academic work within twelve years from the year that the prize is awarded. For example, a person who finished
their studies in 1999 is eligible to apply in 2011, but not in 2012. Age is not determinative, and artists who have
not earned BFAs or MFAs are still eligible so long as they have not been working as an artist for more than twelve years.


Robert A. Pruitt
recipient of the 2013 William H. Johnson Prize (details).

Ebony G. Patterson was honored as a finalist.


Clifford Owens
recipient of the 2012 William H. Johnson Prize (details).

Steve Locke and Nicole Miller were honored as finalists.


Deborah Grant
recipient of the 2011 William H. Johnson Prize (details).

Derrick Adams and Clifford Owens were honored as finalists.


Karyn Olivier
recipient of the 2010 William H. Johnson Prize (details).

Trenton Doyle Hancock was honored as a finalist.


Sanford Biggers
recipient of the 2009 William H. Johnson Prize (details).

Karyn Olivier was honored as a finalist.


Jennie C. Jones
recipient of the 2008 William H. Johnson Prize (details).

Kalup Linzy was honored as a finalist.


Rodney McMillian
recipient of the 2007 William H. Johnson Prize (details).

Jennie C. Jones and Michael Queenland were honored as finalists.


Edgar Arceneaux
recipient of the 2006 William H. Johnson Prize (details).

Kira Lynn Harris and Tavares Strachan were honored as finalists .


Dave McKenzie
recipient of the 2005 William H. Johnson Prize (details).

Rodney McMillian was honored as a finalist.


Kori Newkirk
recipient of the 2004 William H. Johnson Prize (details).

Edgar Arceneaux and Mark Bradford were honored as finalists.


Nadine Robinson
recipient of the 2003 William H. Johnson Prize (details).

Tana Hargest was honored as a finalist.


Laylah Ali
recipient of the 2002 William H. Johnson Prize (details).

Laurie Jackson and Kori Newkirk were honored as finalists.